Born in 1983, Jewelle Yeung initially set her sights in fashion. She attributes her formal education in fashion and art to the UK. After finishing an undergraduate in Fashion Design and Technology at the University of the Arts, her design career took off at Hussein Chalayan and Puma International Black Station. But it was Yeung’s devotion to painting that stole her away from the fashion world completely. The artist obtained a Masters Degree in Fine Arts at the City and Guilds of London Art School.

Yeung’s work explores the interaction between light and matter. Intrigued by the consequence of the way light is reflected, retracted, and diffracted in the earth’s atmosphere, giving life to new form and color, she tends to look at her pieces as emotional interpretations of optical phenomena within nature. Inspired by nature and the notion of the unknown, Jewelle uses vivid strokes and soft blends through oil, to create subliminal landscapes with morphed representations of familiar organisms, encapsulating the transition between reality and the surreal.

It was 15 years before Yeung’s Chinese-Filipino roots brought her back home to Asia. She now creates her art in her studio in Hong Kong and in Cebu. Her works have been in exhibits in Hong Kong, the Philippines and New York among others.